Dewi Pulang



I am re-subtitling Candra’s film based on my critically annotated transcript and translation published in Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde. The re-subtitled film will be viewable on this page. In the meantime, you can view the  film with its original subtitles here.


Dewi Goes Home: A Short Film by Candra Aditya

Candra Aditya’s short film Dewi pulang (Dewi goes home) follows a young woman as she travels from Jakarta to her natal home in Central Java to help prepare funerary rites for her father. In 18 minutes of studied realism and closely observed dialogue—in Indonesian, Javanese, and English—Candra’s film explores the profound disjoint between these two worlds, as Dewi leaves Indonesia’s cosmopolitan capital city for the slower rhythms and familial oblig- ations of Javanese home life. As a meditation on conflicting responsibilit- ies, desires, and aversions, Dewi pulang offers a filmic examination of the challenges that confront a growing number of young Indonesians who find themselves caught between differing ways of life—commonly, if perhaps over- simply, described as traditional and modern, rural and urban.




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